I ought to get shot, mangled, throttled, slashed, beaten, whipped, thrown into the blazing fire, taken out of the blazing fire, thrown into the river, and then be torn to pieces for not posting for so many months.


HAHA. FAT HOPE. :X You ain't gonna do ANYTHING to me. Why? Cause I rock, goddamit. XD Okay. Enough with my nonsensical ramblings. I'm just being an idiot as usual. You know, how I am like. *Someone reading this blog post nods vigorously till he/she sprains her/his neck.* ORESAMA WA. BAKA JANAI YO. ORESAMA WA KAKOI DESU. HONTOUNI KAKOI DESU.

OKAY. I'M SORRY. I'm being such an ass, influenced by Blacku star, even though I'm supposed to be Kid-kun for Soul Eater. But HEY,they sorta hang out together, can't help it. OH MY BURNING COOKIES, I FORGOT TO FOLD MY TOILET PAPER INTO A TRIANGLE. *goes to corner and starts muttering endlessly*

*Snaps out of Kid-kun mode* Anyway, I came here, because of one obvious reason, I haven't been blogging for, beyond ages. So, here I am again. Nothing much has been happening, so I have NO PICTURES to flaunt. Yes I know, I'm such a loser for wasting my life away in a humble little apartment. But I haven't been studying for MONTHS since O levels, I'll surely run out of things to do by now. I'm gonna go for a haircut soon, cause I hate the way my hair is now, it's too normal. I hate normal. I wanna be a freak of society, so I must look like one. *whistles ignorantly*

I intend to scare every single soul in polytechnic, so in order to do so, my APPEARANCE must play a part! *laughs demonically* Okay, fine, I probably won't scare a soul, but their expressions when they look at me will be highly amusing. XD

By the way, if you're curious, I'm in Interactive Media Informatics. Temasek Polytechnic. You can find me at the I.T block walking around with a blonde guy.

We'll be easy to spot. I swear. Especially because of the blonde guy. He's not a westerner by the way. Just telling you. Anyway, if you see this girl with a rather huge badge saying JOONGIE'S, that's me, I won't mind if you say 'hi'. I ain't that unfriendly. But I will stare for a moment, that's natural reaction, if you don't, you are one really friendly person. But I will say 'hi' back. :D

I look forward to poly, cause I'm just dead bored now. So I desperately, desperately need something to do. During my days, I made two videos, I'm thinking of a third one, but I needa figure out stuff. Continued learning Japanese (It's killing me by the way.). Continued loving Jaejoong (That is a complete yes, without any doubt. I can never stop loving this dork. He's adorably hot. PERFECTION. (TO ME.)). Became a korean drama addict. Lost touch with Singaporean radio stations (Cause I'm always on the computer, listening to my own Korean songs.).

Am waiting anxiously for Heaven's Postman to launch in May, date unconfirmed. Created a new hotmail account (For those who haven't added me, it's heavenspostman@hotmail.com) I'm sure you all know the reason for the e-mail address to be this way.

Yes, I'm going crazy waiting for the show.

Which is why I'm watching Korean Dramas, to substitute my wait for the ULTIMATE one in May, and for entertainment. Learning a few words here and there, cried bucket loads for a significant drama, it was utterly tragic and unfair for the main guy. But the ending eased my anger abit, cause it was an ending like Romeo and Juliet. So it was rather touching. I'm not giving spoilers, because it really isn't that bad a show. So I don't like giving spoilers for good shows. It's called, "I'm sorry, I Love you." In korean, I think it's pronounced as, "Mi-ya-ha-da, Sa-rang-han-da." Yeah, I'm just giving the way to pronounce it, it's not spelt like that. =.= It's a direct way to pronounce it.

Yup, that's the two main characters. If you are as bored as me, you can give this drama a shot. But be ready for tissues, especially if you're the emotional type. Right now, I'm watching 'Snow Queen' I haven't cried up till now, which is episode 11. I guess maybe it in the later parts that the 'drama' starts. It's not that bad though.

I'm also watching Boys Over Flowers, I don't think there's a need for a picture for that, considering it's booming popularity. XD Lee Min Ho is hot with straight hair, much hotter than curly hair, in my opinion.

Yes, so that's basically what I've been doing these days, watching korean dramas. I'm thinking of what else to what after Snow Queen. XD I'll tell you next time I post. (Which is another few months.)

I shall end with pics of My Figure of Perfection. :D Since, well, I feel like it. His perfection should be flaunted to the WORLD.

Candid pic. Doesn't he look ADORABLE? XD


There. End of post.

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I know I haven't been here for long. I'm just trying to sound affectionate so as to let you all forgive me for my long disappearance *Hears someone saying FAT HOPE in the background*

*Sighs* I know. I always do this. But hey, at least I bother. I've change my blogskin (This actually happened WEEKS ago, but oh well. Those who just came to check it out, yup. I changed it.) Once again, it's back to DBSK. The playlist is infested with their songs as well. XD

Now... Let's see.. What happened during my WONDERFUL, FANTABULOUS, FREEDOM-RIFICAL HOLIDAYS. Hmm...

1. I went off to Kovan to learn some NIHON-GO. (Japanese)

2. I bought DBSK STUFF from KL.


4. I became a V.I.P member at a J-ROCK shop in KL. (The shop's called I-SOCKS, don't ask me why. The card's really cool by the way.)

5. Angie's Party.

6. I went to AFA 2008.

7. I started a Story Blog. (Titled 'Hwa Shin')

8. I went for EOY CONVENTION. (Hosted by STAC)


Yup, that's the summary. So now, the DETAILS.

1. NIHON-GO (Japanese)

Okay, I don't have much to say about this. Except, I've been attending a Japanese class since... November... Something... And it ends on December 19th. (I'm a pro man, remember the end date don't remember the start date. It's as if I'm so eager for it to end. :X)

The time is 10-12.30 a.m. I HATE the timing. It means I have to wake up early for five days a week. (The working days. If it contained weekends, I'll freaking punch the manager to the moon.) Yes, I dread that. I have to wake up at 8 in the morning. I know some would say that that's the time the normally wake up everyday, but hey, I normally wake up at 10.30 or even later, so it's early for ME. Yes. I'm a pig, so bite me. Continuing, currently, we've reached our TENTH lesson, which is the end. But we still have a test (I'm doomed. I swear. Unless they give an open book, I'm DOOMED.). And then, it's over. No more waking up at 8 (YAHOOOO.) For now, I'm quite okay with it. Coping well, able to read. (AT THE SPEED OF LAGGY LIGHT MAN.<<< Li Min inspired.)

Actually, from my personal point of view, I'll happily, non-hesitantly, immediately choose Japanese lessons over school. Cause I have interest in it, and reading Jap is fun. Even if I read at the speed of laggy light. It's still LIGHT. XD

2. DBSK stuff from KL.



Jaejoong looks so HOT in all the pictures. <3 Ah~ He simply is an Angel from Heaven. [I repeat that about a million times during a duration on one DBSK video on Youtube, just for the record and you all to know. XD]

jaejoong Pictures, Images and Photos


PROM NIGHT ROCKED. Yes. It was amusing. Oh oh, the bimbos stared at us. But it's not like I give a damn. Cause I knew I looked ten million times better. :D

I wore goth/punk style there. To prom night. AH HUH. BEAT THAT. SAC-IANS. I'm sure everybody could spot me, I stood out like some bright hot pink giraffe.





I swear, we definitely stood out. XD Oh well, no matter what we do, we stand out. BUT THAT'S WHY I LOVE OUR GROUP ANYWAY. I seriously think we look like a band. Probably because all of us had masks on. (The theme was 'Masquerade' by the way.)

Our principal must have been very shocked by me. She just kept staring. But thankfully, in not a disapproving manner. Bet she never expected anyone to dress like that for a PROM NIGHT.

Oh well, at the very least, I'm remembered for having the guts to stand out like a hot pink giraffe. o.O Okay, now that just sounds funny.

4. I became a V.I.P member at a J-ROCK shop in KL.

Yup. You should have seen the shop. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. The clothes. THEY WERE TO DIE FOR. There were RACKS and RACKS of J-rock clothing that INFESTED the WHOLE shop. I thought I had died and flew to heaven. XD I love that shop, that will be my main shopping area each time I go back to KL. I HAVE LOTS OF THINGS I INTEND TO BUY. XD


Camwhoring in the car.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures of the shop. The deco was AWESOME. I did take a CERTAIN SOMETHING from the shopping mall though.


What? I thought it looked adorable.

5. Angie's Party

It was my first time meeting Freddy on that day, we had to get a birthday present for Angie. XD And I asked if he wanted to come to Angie's Party and HE AGREED. XD It was great meeting him. THE OUTING WAS GREAT TOO.

Well, we were kinda late. There are hardly days where I'm early or punctual. I gotta get out of that habit. First, we went to pizza hut. Made a hell lotta noise. And Freddy pretended to drop his spoon cause it was just filthy. "Oh my, I just dropped my spoon!" Imagine that in a super fake way. He was ignored once. And he did it again. Oh god, priceless.


Yup, I guess he was pretty happy with his new spoon! :D

And then, we went Far East, Blood Romance.


Lol, honestly, after seeing the J-rock shop in KL, BLOOD ROMANCE IS NOTHING ANYMORE. :X


We took pictures. XD


And more pictures. (I thought I looked weird but oh well.)


And more pictures. (This is hailed the "Bimbo Picture".)


And a camwhore picture.

XD And then, we went to Angie's house and watched "Paprika". Freddy was freaked out by the dolls. HAHA. :X

6. I went to AFA 2008.

No pictures. So sorry. I simply, simply, was too shocked by the certain Zero walking around that I had completely forgotten to take anything else. Oh god, now let's not allow that memory to surface in my mind once more, shall we? *shudders*

I did dress up thought. The first day was guy, the second day, girl. However, I didn't take pics. Didn't bother. I have pictures of er... pictures. And a few good cosplayers. Other than that. Nadah. But I didn't upload. I always forget to upload the AFA pictures. Shows how immensely insignificant that was. Freddy, me, and Angie were bored out of our skulls. How fun, eh?

7. I started a Story Blog. (Titled 'Hwa Shin')

YUP, brave me decided to start a story blog! (As if I need any guts to do that. :X) Oh well, I just suddenly had inspiration after watching IL Ji Mae (WATCH IT. I DEMAND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU PEOPLE READING THIS BLOG TO FREAKING. WATCH. IL JI MAE. IT IS VERY WORTHY OF WATCHING.)

Yeah. That's it for the details of this. The link is >>> www.hwa-shin.blogspot.com
There's a playlist specially designed for the story. There is also a reminder to scroll to the bottom and wait for it to load before reading every chapter. So please, FOLLOW THEM. Thank you. :D

8. I went for EOY CONVENTION. (Hosted by STAC)

This is awesome too. We saw a very gorgeous Zack cosplayer and took pictures. (Like duh. It's a GORGEOUS ZACK COSPLAYER.) And took a million pictures of outselves as well. JOEY. WAS PRICELESS. SIMPLY ADORABLE. I'll never look at the psycho killer in SCREAM the same way EVER AGAIN.

I'll just post a few. I'll give you guys the link for the rest of the pictures at the very end of this post. XD So patience.


JAMIN. Our very own, living, breathing, life-sized, DOLLFIE! <3


JAMIN, ME AND JOEY. (It's a great picture. But the SCREAM figure just takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.) Taken through a glass window. Which explains the reflection. But I thought it came out nicely. XD




ANGIE. I thought she looked GORGEOUS in this picture. XD




Joey and Jamin. XD


Cosplayers. [I dunno which anime though.]




Cel and 'his' wife. (She was supposed to be an emperor.)


JOEY! XD Doesn't she just look SO SPASTIC?!




Candid shot. The rest thought it looked sweet though. o.o


THE ZACK COSPLAYER. (He was the BEST-LOOKING cosplayer there.)


YAOI. <3 Naruto and Gaara.


I thought this picture looked so CUTE. XD Naruto and Kakashi. YAOI.


Lol, this was when we decided to leave the convention and go downstairs to this REALLY BIG empty space to take pictures. XD




Limin and Juanita!

Yeah. The rest of the pictures are in my photobucket. XD



It's beautiful~ Even though it isn't in the colour I want. It's still beautiful~ It's dark blue XD And modified with 8GB memory space. It currently has... Tales Of Eternia, Crisis Core, DJ Max 2, BLEACH 4, Silent Hill, Sims 2 Castaway, Disgaia, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. Yeah, around there. I'm obsessed with it. Especially DJ MAX.

Yup, that's basically what happened in my holidays! Now, the link for my photobucket, http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s1/Helinne/?start=180

You can find all the pictures there.THE ORIGINAL SIZE. EXCEPT, AFA. :X Lol, have fun viewing! I'll say bye now because I know this is a BLOODY LONG post. XD

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HELLO! I come with exciting news (and a whole bunch of pictures.) Well, the pictures are long overdue (I haven't even uploaded those of Jua's birthday party yet! And that was erm... A million years ago?). Typical of me. I know. Exams continuing in... 4 days. Darn Prelims. I hate you, you know that? All you goddamn exams make my life miserable. Well, looking at the BRIGHT side, (I hardly do that by the way. As in if you see it the literal way. Oh, it rhymes.)I changed the song again. (It's Lifehouse-You and Me) You can go find it if you want. XD Today, it's PICTURES day. Pictures from Jua's birthday party, to our recent (Joey and Gelly) birthday party! One was at Ben and Jerry's pub. The other was at Ms. Clarity Cafe. Respectively. Had a big surprise with the Ms. Clarity Cafe one (I mean what are a bunch of manly guys (minus one) doing in a pink, overly girly cafe? I wonder who recommended that place... Who knows, it may be the 'minus one' person. Haha, the people who were at the party probably know what I mean. :D)

Here's the overall summary of the 'Ms. Clarity Cafe' party, BOOMING laughing, LOADS of camwhoring, three scoops of ice-cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry) for a 'Birthday cake', one red candle, one blue candle and last but not least, Jua the make-up person. Oh, I missed out the loads of running round the table too, and the guitar.

JUA's birthday party comprises of well, basically the same thing (minus the three scoops ice-cream cake and candles, and the guitar, Of course she wasn't the make-up person (It's her birthday for god's sake.)

I'm currently waiting for the darn thing to upload. That's fifty pictures, ladies and gentlemen. I have a long way to go. DAMN. Oh if you want to see the original version of the pictures, just click on any one of the pictures and everything is there, big and clear (Excuse me for my shaky hands at some XD). For what's here, well, it's the small version. Thanks to the very limited space. =.=

Damn. It's taking so long. When the pictures are done, I'll post again. OR, you can go to the link >>>


Everything should be there... If anything's missing, you'll be able to see it tomorrow. :D Have fun.

Jaejoong :D

JAEJOONG says bye too. XD

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Hello all. I'm finally back! (With a new blogskin and song to boot!) Haha. I love my current blogskin... AND THE SONG! I'm IN LOVE with the song. Miyavi's a music genius. Well, maybe some of you think it's too 'noisy' (Quoted from my mother) for your liking but... Oh well. I personally like it.

MID-YEAR EXAMS ARE OOOVVVVEEEERRRRR. (*Does a moronic-looking happy dance*) But I dread the coming of the RESULTS. (*Stares with mouth agape at all the red marks*) NOOOOOOO. OK, I must not be so pessimistic. However, I just know that's gonna happened. That's so goddamn DEPRESSING you know that?! BUT, before that horrible incident happens, I will PARTAY to my hearts content. Well, my post-exam activities have been rather exciting.

I went to ALEXSONDRA'S sweet sixteen on Friday. Which was after the LAST PAPER (Drama). Me and Sam camwhored alittle. There were loads of dancing. And sweating. GOD I swear the amount of sweat was enough to fill a BUCKET. I'll show you some pictures later on :D

OH YES. When you go to Coasta Sands Resort. And you see a vending machine, if you feel like buying a drink, buy it and GET THE (&*^)*&^)(*&^( HELL OUT OF THERE! It's personal experience. There are a bunch of hungry mosquitoes there out for blood. I stood there for less than 5 minutes and I was scratching myself as if I had sudden spasms. =.= I was like, "OH MY GOD! SO ITCHY!! *Scratches frantically*" and Jua who was standing beside me just stared as if I went mental on her.

We wanted to go see the sunset cause' we had loads of time to spare. And the beach, I pity the poor beach, you should have seen the amount of LITTER on it. So much for 'Save The Earth'. We were like O.O. I can almost imagine what would have happened if we went around running barefoot, we would have died of blood loss before we even SEE the sunset.

Well, today, I'm gonna meet Angie in the midst of tuition!! I can't WAIT. It's been so long since I've seen her. :D I'll be going tuition with Fiona and the usual people. I love going to that tuition centre, it's the most interesting tuition centre I have ever been to. Well, I better stop talking and start showing you the pics. :D



Me And Sam


Me And Cel




THAT'S ALL. [Actually there are others but... I'm lazy to resize. :X]

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Gong xi fa cai. Hong bao na lai. :D Anyway, I'm here to blog once again (And it's LESS than two month at it. Cool eh?) Well, one reason I've decided to blog is because I'm in KL, Malaysia and I'm bored to tears at my uncle's mother's house (AND NO. For so many people who wondered, I'm NOT Malaysian D:. I'm so not used to not saying any inauspicious words cause I'm so use to saying them like He- add two more Ls there. I just said it like twice in one day already (one in the morning, another in the afternoon. Oh MY, I'll probably say one at night too. Noticed the pattern. One time in the morning, One time in the afternoon... Get my point right?)

Continuing my rantings, I wanna share with you some... signficant happenings. Like... MY DRAMA Os Exam is OVER. Besides that, I wanna talk about... Our school's chinese new year celebration. OH MY JOONGIE,(No cursing/swearing so I'm replacing. XD)You have no freaking idea, how BORING that was. I mean, I don't mean to be rude or mean to our darling little school (Darling? Is that the right word for our school?) First we started with lessons (which I don't even call them lessons.) The lessons were scheduled according to our timetable after 10.15 a.m. So, the first thing we had, was chinese. And guess what we did for chinese today~? ^^ Nothing. D: I mean we did something, but it was meaningless, therefore, I might as well just list it as nothing. But we got ang paos from the teacher for doing our work, which was something about new year and we had to answer questions on a piece of worksheet. Guess what was inside, (Not money. Duh. Since when were our teachers so nice? I mean they are, but not to the extent that they give us ka-ching.)

Well, I got four rabbit sweets (You know those white sweets where the 'plastic' wrapping the sweet actually melt in your mouth? Man, I find that so cool. Yup, four of them, which aren't that bad as well :D. Since when were sweets bad anyway? (Only they give you diabetes and tooth decay...) And then it was recess. However, the canteen was pathetic. And, we can't even go out and eat. =.= The security guard was like "Eh, girls where you going?" "Er... We going out buy food. Our bags are in school, so we'll be coming back." "Cannnoooot. Cannoooott. You are not supposed to do that. Go back. Go back." Oh JOONGIE (No, cursing/swearing, glad I remembered). What do they expect us to eat? Grass?

Well, we had no choice, we decided to wait, for that concert that was happening at 9.15... (During 'recess' it was from 8.45 to well.. 9.15) So, we sat at the canteen and I ate yoghurt as a last resort. Finally, we could go up. We read the program thing while going up the hall and it didn't seem very interesting.. Hah... Oh well. There was even chinese caligraphy (I explain more about those slowpokes later.)First up, chinese orchestra... I laughed SO HARD at the conductor (I know its mean, but you should have seen him. Priceless. *Stiffles laughter*) Then, concert band, Mr. Dee(SP?) kept looking at us when we didn't clap (cause we were supposed to.) And the... The... I forgot. There was this ballet dance as well ( Don't ask me what does CNY have to do with Ballet.) That girl looked as if she was trying to fly. Seriously. She was there doing some weird thing with her hands (I can fly... I can fly... I believe I can FLLLYYY.) .

Afterward, CHINESE CALIGRAPHY. That was the STRONGEST IMPRESSION in my memory. Not because it was impressive (Joongie no.). It was because those twins took so long to write two words my forehead nearly kissed the dirty wooden hall ground. One of them was there, poking her brush into the black ink countless times while the other one... I didn't really notice. Really, I think that girl poking her brush into the ink was more like trying to dye the stupid brush black then use the ink to write. The nicest thing that happened during the concert was the catwalk. The teacher were so hilarious (Ms. Martens. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.).

After catwalk, HOME. LOVELY LOVELY HOMEY. <3 Actually it was STARBUCKS. Then HOME. JAVA CHIP (Jamin's) AND CHOCOLATE CREAM CHIP (Mine). I missed the taste, the smell, the cup, even the atmosphere! Had quiSHEY for lunch and stole abit of ugly chicken pie (It's PRETTY.) Jamin ate abit of my quiSHEY too. :D Then, we walked to Macs, where there was this horrid smell. It was just so... Hard top breathe and my nose hurt. In order to get proper air that will not kill us (My poor uncle had to withstand it, cause' he had to queue for food) we went to Body Shop. The smell there is always so fragrant. Even though its one whole big mix of scents, it's nice.

Afterward (I better shorten this. I can feel the it's the readers turn for their heads to kiss the tables) I packed for KL. Drove for SIX hours (MY ARSE. IT ACHESSSS.) and then VIOLA! HERE WE ARE. Haha, that's it for today. :D I shall try and blog tomorrow. Oh yes, vegetarian sharkfin is SO MUCH NICER than the REAL one. Ironic I know. XD.

chinese new year


Greetings! Yes yes, I'm back to blog again! I know, i know you all must be like 'this nut case doesn't blog for like months and then she suddenly just blogs like twice in a month?' HEY. HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A NUT CASE. Anyway, i decided to blog because I don't feel like playing high street 5. It's a great game by the way, you should check it out (I'm contradicting myself.) The link is >>> www.highstreet5.com.sg IF you wanna check it out that is. I was hooked on it for a while.

I'm sure I'll get hooked again. But, you know playing the game one whole day can get you kinda... bored. Okay, enough about promoting that game. After all you all can surf the whole web page (every single page. letters. mis-spellings. grammer wrongs. WHATEVER.) I'm currently blogging/finding a new hairstyle(I CANT FIND
ANYTHING I TELL YOU. *grabs hair and runs around on a mad rampage* )/Staring at Jaejoong pictures.

Fio fio went to Taiwan. T.T It's odd not seeing her Mihaeru-sama thing on my friends list... Oh well... she'll be back on the... 27th? Not sure. Oh ya. and i didn't get to go convention. YA. You know i was like sitting in the tuition center and my mind was like thinking, 'Ah... They're having so much fun at the tuition whereas dear sad me is sitting in this small tuition center listening to that guy in front drone on and on and on...' I was so bored, so sad, so pissed and well, I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO GO

When Angie came back from cosplay. She showed me some pictures! God, they all looked so COOL. Oh yeah, Joey if you bother to read my blog (because it always in-active you probably dont read anymore. Don't worry I'm fine with it.) JOEY, YOU WERE GREAT. REALLY REALLY GREAT.

OH AND ANGIE. YOU LOOKED REALLY REALLY GREAT TOO! STOP SAYING YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT. OR I'LL ER... ER... SPANK YOU. O.O Right. When i saw the pictures, i got even sadder that i didn't get to go. T.T BOOHOO. WHY? WHY MUST MY MOTHER DO THIS? Angie: Nvm, there always next year!! *hugs*

OKAY GUYS. Next year, I'm DEFINITELY going when 'O' levels is over (oh god. O lvls!! the HORROR. I'm not saying this sarcastically. I really mean it. I'm TERRIFIED. ) Yes, I'm definitely going. Not sure going as who. But, I'm GOING. AND NO ONE IS GOING STOP ME. (Hint Mother Hint hint.)

JOONGIE. YOU'LL SUPPORT ME YES? Joongie: *somewhere in thailand or malaysia (cause they were gonna do an interview there)* Yes, Joongie. You're busy too. I won't bother you. Last few words.

COSPLAY PEOPLE: ANGIE AND JOEY. You guys were great ^^ (Angie you ROCKED at dressing Sohee and Flo up :D) I'm so sorry I couldn't make it... I'm so sorry. Really sorry. Very sorry. JUST SORRY. T.T

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to A JAEJOONG FANGIRL'S BLOG *cheers and claps in the background made by only one person... myself.* *looks around and quickly regains composure (if any)* Ok, don't worry, just because I'm a fangirl, does not mean I use a whole blog post talking about my beloved. No. I don't. Trust me. *attempts to give assuring look* ANYWAY, I'm finally here. Ready to post another post after -insert number here- months. OKAY, Convention is on saturday! One problem though, (I always have problems with going to Cosplay Conventions. Goddammit.)it's on a saturday. Wait i'm not done. It's on a saturday AND dear me has tuition. (Yes. Now you can go OOOOHHH, if you want to that is.)

I can't cancel the tuition, because it's group tuition, so if i cancel the tuition that means there won't be make up for me because it's not private tuition one-to-one but group tuition and in group tuition there are no make up lessons. Yes, try to understand what I just said. So all in all, either I sneak out of tuition or go on my knees and beg mummy dearest to let me go. I think I'll choose the second. Except I wont go on my knees. That'll be stupid. Therefore, if i succeed I can stay at the convention for as long as I want as long as it's not till 12 midnight. (YAY)

BUT, the thing is that, what if i don't succeed and i don't get to go for the convention? Yes, thats what I'm worried about. I mean please I have never ONCE been to the end-of-year convention. That's very sad in my opinion, mainly because i want to go. So now, I have no idea WHAT to do. But, if i go, I'll definitely post pictures! XD

DEAREST. I'M SO SO SO SO (X10000000000000000000) SORRY. I COULDN'T MAKE IT FOR THE CONCERT IN MALAYSIA. I'M DEVASTATED. I REALLY AM. (shows Joongie the buckets of tears I've cried). I'M SO SORRY. I REALLY WANTED TO SEE YOU IN PERSON. (I think if i did, I would have been in a daze for the rest of the month or maybe longer. With you in my thoughts. Oh heck, you already ARE. =.=)

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Ok thats it. BYE BYE. :D